PHYS 204 Week 5 iLab 7 / DeVry

PHYS 204 Week 5 iLab 7 / DeVry



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HOMEWORK Description

PHYS 204 Week 5 iLab 7

Part 1 Free Fall

  1. Paste your position-time graph below.
  2. Paste your velocity-time graph below.
  3. Do a straight-line fit on each of the straight lines of the sawtooth velocity-time graph. Record each slope in the table below, and then average them to find your value for the acceleration due to gravity.
  4. How does your value forg (slope of velocity versus time) compare to the accepted value of the acceleration of a free-falling object (g = 9.8 m/s2)? Calculate a percent difference between your measurement and the standard value of g.

5.What factors do you think may cause the experimental value to be different from the accepted value?

Part 2 Conservation of Energy


1.How does the decrease in gravitational potential energy of a falling ball compare to its increase in kinetic energy?

2.What happens to the total of the gravitational potential energy plus the kinetic energy as a ball falls?


1.What happens to the gravitational potential energy (Energy #1) as the ball falls?

2.What happens to the kinetic energy (Energy #2) as the ball falls?

3.What does the “Total Energy–Time” graph tell you about the total energy of the ball as it falls?

4.What is one reason that some of the energy is lost as the ball falls?