HCA 340 Week 5 Final Project

HCA 340 Week 5 Final Project

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Focus of the Final Project

Managing Health Care Organizations

The Final Project should demonstrate understanding of the reading assignments, class discussions, your own research and the application of new knowledge. It should utilize previous skills developed in foundational health care courses and apply them within the context and viewpoint of health care administrator and his/her role managing health and human services.

For the Final Project, the student will select one of the following topics and conduct scholarly and professional research while integrating course learning outcomes to address a selected topic:

  1. Research specific leadership and management traits and theories necessary for managing a multidisciplinary and multicultural health care organization to promote organizational effectiveness.
  2. Present how strategic planning, performance improvement, and information systems are interrelated and fundamental to the delivery of quality health care.
  3. Examine the financial characteristics of health care delivery along with managing costs, revenues, and human resources.
  4. Analyze ethical and legal concepts, including specific federal regulations, required of health care organizations to ensure the delivery of high quality health care that protects patient safety.

Research Requirements

Academic research and papers must meet certain standards of quality that are recognized by the academic community. What constitutes quality academic research?

  1. The use of primary (original), credible sources written by experts in the field of study.
  2. Ensuring secondary sources are supported by research in primary sources.
  3. Making sure all research is relevant and that material used is pertinent to the area of study.
  4. In graduate work, the use of peer-reviewed journal articles (journal articles reviewed by recognized experts in the relevant field of study) is required.
  5. Keep in mind that educational websites may be appropriate, in some cases, but should be evaluated carefully.

The Ashford University Library offers many excellent databases and other resources to assist you in conducting scholarly research.

What sources are not acceptable for academic research and referencing?

  1. Encyclopedias
  2. Dictionaries
  3. Wikipedia, other wikis, or blogs
  4. Websites and other sources that do not provide quality researched materials (do not use credible sources to support the information in the document).

All research must reflect professional academic protocol and must be documented according to APA standards as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.


HCA 340 Week 5 DQ 2 Healthcare Ethics & Law

HCA 340 Week 5 DQ 2 Healthcare Ethics & Law

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Healthcare Ethics and Law. A woman arrives at a suburban emergency room in active labor. Both she and her husband speak little English. The staff determines that the mother (and baby) is uninsured and unable to pay for healthcare services out-of-pocket. The baby is showing signs of distress and needs to be delivered. The on-call OB-GYN physician refuses to come to the hospital. He recommends that the patient be transferred to another facility.

  1. What ethical principles relate to this case scenario?
  2. What legal principles relate to this scenario?
  3. What might the legal consequences be to the health care organization if there is a delay in treatment?

HCA 340 Week 5 DQ 1 Cultural Diversity in Healthcare

HCA 340 Week 5 DQ 1 Cultural Diversity in Healthcare

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Cultural Diversity in Healthcare. Read over the information in The Provider’s Guide to Quality & Culture website and examine the case study from your textbook titled, Heritage Valley Medical Center: Are Your Managers Culturally Competent?. Then answer the following questions:

  1. How have the changing definitions of diversity affected healthcare management and the delivery of healthcare services in this organization?
  2. What does this situation say about Heritage Valley Medical Center’s organizational culture and organizational competency, if anything?
  3. If you were Ms. Harper, how would you handle this and what information would you present to the executive team, including measures and steps to change the attitudes and opinions presented?

HCA 340 Week 4 S.W.O.T. (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)

HCA 340 Week 4 S.W.O.T. (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)

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S.W.O.T. (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats). For this assignment, you will apply the S.W.O.T. Situational Planning Strategy introduced in Chapter 5 of your course text, based upon the following:

Situation: You are the C.E.O. of Community South Medical Center, a large, urban for-profit healthcare facility. This institution has comprehensive health services including acute care, residential care, independent living, in-home nursing, hospice, neonatal, and pediatric services, advanced cardiac services, a major trauma center, a center of excellence for pulmonary services, and a neurosurgery center.

Community South Medical Center has a positive bottom line and is striving to enhance health services for the population it serves. The patient care mix has shifted in the last three years and its reimbursement source is currently: 25% Medicaid (up 20%); 35% Medicare (down 12 %); 25% employer sponsored health insurance (unchanged), 8% managed care (down 20 percent), 4% private pay (unchanged) and 4% no-pay (up 25%).

The Medical Center is in an older urban area. Businesses with well paying jobs have gradually been replaced by smaller shops and other small businesses. Overall, the community is trending towards a predominantly elderly population.

The Medical Center has an excellent reputation and has been recognized in the past by receiving a Baldrige Center of Excellence evaluation and a The Joint Commission (T.J.C.) approval for their quality of services; however, recent self-inspections indicated a slight decline in compliance with T.J.C. standards. Patient satisfaction survey results have an overall mean of 95 percent. The medical staff strongly supports new program development and there is an abundant supply of physicians.

Currently, the major issues confronting the Community South Medical Center are: an identified shortage of clinical staff including registered nurses, respiratory therapists, and medical technologists; non-interfacing information technology systems; antiquated facilities and infrastructure; decline in T.J.C. compliance on internal audits; and a shift to its financial mix.

Action: As the C.E.O., it is time to embark on the annual updating of the organization’s strategic plan. The last major revision to the strategic direction was completed three years ago.

In a four to six page (excluding title and reference pages), double-spaced paper, respond to the following questions:

  1. Select one of the needs of Community South Medical Center and identify at least one strength, one weakness, one opportunity, and one threat (S.W.O.T.) for that need. How do each of these correlate to the overarching issues confronting Community South Medical Center?
  2. Is it time to revise the strategic mission and plan of the organization from three years ago or continue as originally planned with a yearly assessment? Should the C.E.O. address the issues confronting Community South Medical Center or wait another year? If so, what should the strategic plan be? If not, why?
  3. What leadership positions would be in your strategic management team? Why? What would their responsibilities be?
  4. What are some of the market trends you can identify in this area? How might they affect Community South Medical Center? How would you prepare for them?

You must use a minimum of four scholarly sources, excluding the text, cited according to APA guidelines as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.

HCA 340 Week 4 DQ 2 Human Resources

HCA 340 Week 4 DQ 2 Human Resources

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Human Resources. Human resources are an integral part of health care operations to recruit and retain high quality, and often highly specialized employees.

  1. Describe why human resources management is comprised of strategic and administrative actions, providing examples of each.
  2. Outline specific activities that encompass the strategic and administrative responsibilities of the human resources department.
  3. If you were employed as an administrator in a small physician group without a human resources department, how would you carry out the strategic and administrative responsibilities required?

HCA 340 Week 4 DQ 1 Managing Multidisciplinary Professionals

HCA 340 Week 4 DQ 1 Managing Multidisciplinary Professionals

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Managing Multidisciplinary Professionals. Dr. White ordered an unusual dose of a medication for a patient. May Patterson, RN, sees the order and believes it to be the wrong dose. She is afraid to call Dr. White because he can be abrasive at times. Nurse Patterson asks the charge nurse who is not as familiar with the patient to call the doctor. The charge nurse calls Dr. White. He insists that he knows what is best for the patient and insists that the medication will be given as written. The charge nurse calls you, the administrator on call for the weekend, to resolve the issue.

  1. What principles of effective teamwork have broken down?
  2. How will you work to resolve the issue?
  3. List and describe five potential strategies for conflict resolution within this team.
  4. What types of information will you need to collect to have an intelligent conversation with this physician?
  5. Who should be involved in this situation, and the discussion with Dr. White, and why?
  6. Which conflict resolution strategy is likely to be most successful?

Respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts.

HCA 340 Week 3 Final Project Outline / Annotated Bibliography

HCA 340 Week 3 Final Project Outline / Annotated Bibliography

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Final Project Outline / Annotated Bibliography. Submit the following to your instructor for review:

  1. Identify the topic of your Final Project
  2. Describe the issue, why it was selected, the perspective of approach, and the scope of the paper.
  3. Provide an outline of your project
  4. The outline should include a heading for each section of the Research Paper/PowerPoint Presentation (including one for the thesis and the conclusion) as well as heading descriptions. Subheadings should also be used with a description of each subheading. These should demonstrate that you have done significant research, evaluation, and critical thinking on the

issues involved and should illustrate the strategies you would incorporate and implement for the scenario you are creating.

  1. Create an annotated bibliography
  2. The annotated bibliography should contain at least five scholarly sources that you intend to use in your project. Each listing must include a paraphrased narrative of the actual research study presented in the article and the studies used should represent the most current research related to the topic area.

Your outline and annotated bibliography must adhere to proper APA style guidelines as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. You can also find samples of each in the Ashford Writing Center, which is located under Learning Resources in the left-hand navigation panel of your classroom.